Builds by FingerDown

149 poise, 1200 defence, 28% elemental def150029.02.2020
A. BSK + Rapier150003.02.2020
ANTI MAGE BUILD. Say SORRY to mage150027.09.2019
Arti gs + rapier chaos150009.12.2019
Axe + shield150008.01.2020
Axe+rapier=96 poise150005.02.2020
Backstab God150031.12.201901.01.2020
Backstab king150024.12.2019
Bandit axe150011.01.202016.01.2020
Bandit axe v1150006.12.2019
Bandit axe v2150006.12.2019
Bell Keeper 150 SL150023.10.2019
Black flamestone fagger only150026.12.2019
Blacksteel poise build. Welcome to tryhard150030.10.2019
bleed instant bs155005.07.2020
Bone fister SL 150150026.10.2019
Butcher build v 1150011.11.2019
Butcher knife150008.01.202008.01.2020
Caestus + sanctum mace150029.01.202029.01.2020
CB buff vs gank150025.01.2020
CB vs Gankers v2150026.01.2020
Chaos blade + ice rapier150003.02.202003.02.2020
Chaos blade glass canon150024.12.2019
Counter man150009.12.2019
Crazy damage. Naked man)150027.09.2019
Dragoslayer spear150008.01.202008.01.2020
Drakeblood Knight SL 150150023.10.2019
Drakekeeper warpick150013.01.2020
Drakekeeper warpick build150026.01.202026.01.2020
Dumbass spell caster( use spell glitch )150013.03.202013.03.2020
Experimental build150008.01.2020
Faith uchi150002.02.2020
Forlorn noobkiller51002.02.202002.02.2020
FUGS Glass Canon v1150004.11.2019
FUGS glass Canon v2150004.11.2019
FUGS is LOVE150018.10.2019
FUGS is Love return150018.01.202018.01.2020
FUGS is Love v2150010.03.202010.03.2020
Fume Knight 150 SL150023.10.2019
Fume sword cancer150008.01.2020
Fume Ultra Greatsword build150027.09.2019
Fun build150004.01.2020
Gank spanker faith150029.01.202029.01.2020
gankers knew... They fucked up150021.03.202021.03.2020
Giant warrior155031.12.2019
GreatBow Glass Canon v1150004.11.2019