Builds by Specter

133 dark winged knight set133118.06.2020
133 my dark build133006.09.2020
133 pyro with tears133020.06.202021.06.2020
133 quality133023.10.201913.09.2020
133 quality winged knight133004.07.2020
133 regen blessed LKGS build133120.07.202013.08.2020
139 dark regen build139030.08.2020
139 Dex build139024.07.202024.07.2020
139 quality build139028.06.202027.09.2020
139 Winged knight blessed LKGS regen build139021.08.202026.08.2020
139 winged knight dark build139028.08.2020
146 my survival build146005.09.2020
68 Dex at 9090002.05.202030.07.2020
90 Crystal exile build90030.07.202030.07.2020
90 dark exile build90031.03.202026.06.2020
90 Dex 2 free ring slots90030.06.202030.06.2020
90 Dex build 34 end with tears90102.07.202025.07.2020
Arabian Murky139327.05.202014.06.2020
Arabian Murky (Sweaty Version)146017.07.2020
Arabian Murky 3 free ring slots146015.09.2020
Arabian Murky BUT it's SL 9090012.06.2020
Arabian Murky SL 6060015.09.2020
Arabian Murky V2147014.09.2020
Arabian Murky V3 Dex147015.09.2020
Arabian Murky v4147023.09.202024.09.2020
Arabian Xbow(probably my favorite build for duels)125017.09.202017.09.2020
bad mage build125005.05.2020
Bootleg Faded125004.09.202004.09.2020
Chinese pocket dagger139001.07.2020
Chinese VPN Lord (crystal)139028.06.202028.06.2020
Chinese VPN Lord (dark)139028.06.202029.06.2020
Chinese VPN Lord (dex)139028.06.202029.06.2020
Chinese VPN Lord (strength)139028.06.202029.06.2020
claymore strength build34029.02.202029.02.2020
crystal build133011.06.202011.06.2020
crystal build meta by Holloweed420133028.05.2020
crystal Lapp80108.02.2020
crystal Lapp with tears90015.04.2020
dark SL 8585119.05.202019.05.2020
dark Splitleaf build133001.08.202001.08.2020
Demon's scar pyro80016.03.2020
Dex build (79 dex)133012.06.2020
Dex Lapp (SL 60)60124.04.202024.04.2020
DMB build133013.05.202014.09.2020
Duelist 125 strength125027.05.202031.07.2020
Duelist crystal build with TOD125003.08.2020
Duelist dark125013.05.202013.05.2020
Duelist Dark 125 with winged knight125018.06.202018.06.2020