Builds by TheL1R

50 INT Battlemage (MLGS + Staff of Wisdom)155011.10.202111.10.2021
BASED STR INT BUILD (Magic DKS + Shadow Dagger)155009.10.202110.10.2021
bkgs build155001.10.202101.10.2021
caestone fist powerstance build159011.08.202112.08.2021
elkeum loytce 155 me ta155003.10.202103.10.2021
Fume Sword SL155 Meta Build w/Fashion Armor155011.07.202112.07.2021
heide knight build155016.08.202121.10.2021
hex build (caitha's chime and silverblack sickle)155010.10.202111.10.2021
L1R's 60 dex build (Drakewing UGS useable)155101.10.202101.10.2021
L1R's beloved bluflame build (not as loved as pss)155029.09.202130.09.2021
poison build ratcov112017.08.202117.08.2021
PUREFTH (Defender GS + Dragon Chime)155104.10.202121.10.2021
PUREFTH 2 (Heide SS +Thief Dagger+Dragon Chime)155115.10.202115.10.2021
puzzling stone sword 1m - 1.09m SM build131025.08.2021
puzzling stone sword build155114.08.202117.08.2021
santiers spear build131021.08.202122.08.2021